wood pellets

Top reasons why wood pellets are gaining popularity

With each day, the people realize more and more the shortage of non renewable sources like fossil fuels. So, the technology is being ventured to develop alternative sources of energy. Pellets are one such source of fuel made of compressed biomass. They have various advantages over fossil fuels like lower price, less pollution and more combustion efficient. Pellet production is a rapidly emerging industry, especially in Europe and America. Many appliances like pellet stoves and boilers have been thus developed for its efficient usage.

Increasing popularity of pellet stoves

With ever rising gas prices, lots of people are looking for alternative ways of heat source. Pellet stoves and pellet stove inserts are for them. They both are easy and efficient to operate. Wood pellets Bulgaria has eco-friendly sources like saw dust, furniture waste, shells of coconut, walnut, corn, etc. They burn better as they are small and compressed. Pellet stoves and inserts come with a bin called ‘Hopper’. It is usually located at the bottom or the top of the stove. It can hold up to 130 pounds of wood pellets. Based on the hopper size, a single wood pellets Bulgaria load can last for almost two days.

An auger turns and sends the pellets inside the firebox to burn. Generally, all stoves have two settings, a thermostat to manage the flame amounts of heat produced. Air is sent through the pellets once they are lit, which keeps the fire burning steadily. The harmful gases produced are let out through a vent with the help of a blower. Stoves and inserts both come in different sizes and styles. So, the price of these commodities varies accordingly.

Maintaining the quality of pellets

In Europe, firm regulations regarding the quality of pellets are set. They should not contain any recycled wood or contaminants. Any Violation of this rule will not allow the pellets to be marketed. These norms vary with each continent. The United States is less restrictive than any other country. The wood pellets are manufactured with excess use of water, degrades the quality of pellets. For a good quality pellet, maize with natural lignin will serve as a binder. If the quality is high, the franchise will soon develop a wide stronghold.

It comes highly recommended as always that you carefully choose the supplier with the best quality product and reliable services. The ease of ordering and payment is also an important factor.

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